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Ujana Afrika drives conversations around TVET with the goal of demystifying  TVET by encouraging more youth to take up technical related courses that  can assist them develop skills and competencies that are relevant and  demand-driven by the industry. 

This will translate to the achievement of a  range of sustainable development goals such as #SDG4 #SDG8 whose  overall impact is on inclusive quality education and the socio-economic  development of youth including alleviation of poverty by empowering the  youth to work and create jobs for others resultantly increasing productivity  and economic growth. This program will also focus on will focus on  facilitating students who intend to enroll and pursue technical courses in  Technical Training


We also champion #SDG5 during advocacy by having a gender-centric  approach on females whereby UJANA is focusing on vulnerable &  marginalized women groups ie PWDs and teens keen while advocating  for youth women to enroll in TVETs and gain skills they can apply for  self-development.

We are a youth led & youth serving for impact social enterprise based in Kenya.

Pine tree Plaza, Kaburu drive,
7 th floor.
PHONE: 0782844441

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