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This is a Capacity building program aimed to empower youth with hard  and soft skills in various disciplines, and is at the heart of Ujana Afrika’s  tangible outcomes. This involves short term re-skilling and up-skilling  programs as well as capacity building youth leaders to drive change in a  more impactful manner.

Our Empowerment Programs

UJANA’s flagship project, “Road to 1000 Skilled girls” has  an  ambitious goal to enrol 1000 girls in technical training institutions,  across a five year strategy from the year 2021. This will promote  female participation in TVET as evidence based data shows there is  low enrolment nationwide

UJANA will provide short term re-skilling and up-skilling training  opportunities to marginalised youth groups so that they can gain  relevant skills to earn dignified livelihoods from. Disciplines in this  program will be in key sectors that drive economic growth such as  Agriculture – Value Addition, Agribusiness & Agriculture Machinery  technology; Infrastructure – Building & Construction Technology;  Hospitality- Cosmetology and Beauty Therapy, among others. The re-  skilling agenda focuses on training youth in these sector-related skills to  advance their entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities; as  well as equip them with innovative skills to modernise these sectors  which are the backbone of economies in Kenya and Sub-Saharan  nations.

UJANA works at county level with a bottom-up approach to empower  and engage with the youth at grassroots level. This is focused on  building capacity of youth leaders to form County youth technical  groups that will advocate for TVET and youth pursuing  technical  courses at the vocational training centers (former Youth Polytechnics).  Lastly, increasing youth engagement by galvanizing collaboration with  existing Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to increase youth  engagement on lobbying for development of county based policies  and thus sharing power between the leaders “adults” and youth.

The UJANA Innovation program  aims at providing a pipeline of  innovative youth to various  incubation opportunities for them  to access further training. Through  our partners, these incubator  programs aims at growing their  ideas to potential innovative  solutions for existing problems in  various sectors. The program  identifies, supports and invests in young entrepreneurs through  every stage of innovation, helping  them move from initial concepts,  through testing and demonstration  to achieve commercial scale.

We are a youth led & youth serving for impact social enterprise based in Kenya.

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