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For the youth to pursue TVET, a major mindset change needs to happen and this is why we dedicate most of our time to conduct advocacy campaigns at the local communities and rural counties where there are high levels of negative perceptions about pursuing technical courses.
UJANA's advocacy work is inclusive of a mentorship program for all those mentees who join our program so that we can harness their soft skills and leadership skills which allows them to add value to their local communities.


Invest in skilling young girls with practical and relevant skills and provide financial support


Become an advocate and champion TVET & Skills development in your circles


Invigorate behavioural changes and mindset change in society towards positive attitudes and perceptions on TVET


Volunteer as a skills based professional to be part of our mentorship program and go for outreach activities at the local communities in the slums and rural areas

the returns


Advocacy - We will conduct Grassroots level of advocacy in providing information about the future of work and emerging occupations which require requisite skills among youth
Mindset Change - We will create awareness in high schools to change mindset of the youth and provide information on alternative career choices in the blue collar industry
Industry Linkages - We will initiate and drive conversations with the private sector to support dual system of education and partner with us to skill youth in demand driven courses
Technical Capacity - Build capacity of teachers in high schools as well as community leaders/parents through the outreach activities for them to also champion TVET

We are a youth led & youth serving for impact social enterprise based in Kenya.

Pine tree Plaza, Kaburu drive,
7 th floor.
PHONE: 0782844441

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