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Advocacy In The Tvet Space

For the youth to pursue TVET, a major mindset change needs to happen and this is why we dedicate most of our time to conduct advocacy campaigns at the local communities and rural counties where there are high levels of negative perceptions about pursuing technical courses.

The program components are in three strategic priorities namely; TVET SCHOLARSHIPS, TVET ADVOCACY and LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT


Skilling young girls through awarding scholarships to cater to their tuition fees


Creating mass awareness about TVET at the local community level where the information gaps are wide and there are negative perceptions and mindset about vocational education and technical training, more so for female gender; Use of social media and digital marketing tools to reach mass audiences


Raising young leaders in each local community by equipping them with leadership skills (communication and oratory) become SDG 4 & 5 brand ambassadors; nurture their soft skills

We are a youth led & youth serving for impact social enterprise based in Kenya.

Pine tree Plaza, Kaburu drive,
7 th floor.
PHONE: 0782844441

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